Linect® Connector for Standard Lighting Connection

WAGO's new Linect® connector is designed for the external connection of standard lighting installations.

The Linect® 770-6229 Connector offers all the benefits of a pluggable lighting connector. It connects to standard electrical building installations and snaps onto the Linect® light from the outside. This makes light replacement a “snap” for maintenance or retrofits, while requiring no electrical circuit interruption. The 3-pole Linect® connector is protected against mismating and is equipped with CAGE CLAMP®S connection technology. It is designed for any conductor type (solid, stranded and fine-stranded) up to 2.5mm2/AWG 14 and a maximum nominal current of 24 A.

Beyond designers, electricians and wholesalers, light manufacturers will also benefit from the new Linect® connector. In Scandanavia, for example, standard Linect® lights can now be used, making complicated specialty lights with SCHUKO wiring a thing of the past. “Conventional electrical installations are upgraded by the Linect® connector. Lights no longer need to be opened or specially prepared by the manufacturer for connection from the outside using special elements. This is a determined step in the direction of standardization,” states Stephan Albrecht, responsible product manager of ELECTRICAL INTERCONNECTIONS at WAGO.